• Crown Reduction

  • Crown Lifting

  • Felling

  • Stump & Root Removal

  • Hedge Trimming & Reduction

  • Pollarding

  • Branch & Limb Removal

  • Deadwooding

  • Garden Clearances

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is the process of cutting back the outer foliage of a tree to bring an overall shape to its crown, reducing its overall shape and size. This will ensure that the tree does not outgrow its original space and that by reducing its weight it will be less prone to damage in adverse weathers.  

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is carried out to increase the space between the lower branches of a tree and the ground to improve a view or to allow more light to reach the ground. It involves the removal of the lower branches as well as the pruning of other branch foliage.



Sometimes a tree may need to be removed. In restricted areas then the tree may need to be removed piece by piece. When space allows then more traditional methods of forestry can be used, ensuring that the tree is removed safely and accurately.

Stump & Root Removal

When a tree has been removed then you will be left with a stump. We offer 2 methods for stump removal. We can either grind the stump out of the ground until the stump along with its root system have been destroyed or we can treat the stump to ensure that there will be no re-growth.  

Hedge Trimming & Reduction

Need your hedges trimming? Well look no further. Hedge trimming will ensure that your hedges are left looking full, compact and tight and if they appear to be a bit too overgrown then we will prune them back.


Pollarding involves removing all of the tree's upper branches and is a useful method for trees that lie in tight or awkward spots. We will remove as much of the tree as possible whilst ensuring that we keep it alive and healthy.

Branch & Limb Removal

If you want your trees to look tight and tidy then this could be a good method for you. Some branches grow in ad-hoc positions or out of proportion with the rest of their neighbours and can sometimes block or overhang certain areas.


Many trees will produce branches that are dead, diseased or dying. These branches will eventually fall off and you may be required to remove them. Or you may want to remove them before this happens as they could cause damage or obstruction.  

Garden Clearances

If your garden is overgrown, crowded or just needs a bit of love and care then look no further. You may be clearing a site for redevelopment or to regain the land for another purpose.

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